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Aboriginal Day
Aboriginal Day 2016
Adams River Sockeye Run
Allan Matthews Class
Allan Matthews Reunion
Alley Murals
Art Council's Artwalk
Ashcroft to Logan Lak
Autumn leaves
Autumn Kamloops to Hope

Bald headed Eagles
Bald headed Eagles on Fathers Day
BC Lions Training Camp 2011
BC Wildlife Park
BC Wildlife Park - Sheba
BC Wildlife Park - Wildlites
Bicentennial Celebration
Blind Bay Centennial
Boating the river

Canada Geese in McArthur Park
Canoe Journey - Pulling Together
California Bighorn Sheep
California Bighorn Sheep at Sun Rivers
Canada Day 2012
Canada Day Flag
Communities in Bloom
Country roads

Eagles on the South Thompson

Farmers Market

Gardens - Gregson Butterfly
              - Xeriscape
Gizeh Shriners Parade
Goats weed control

Highland Games
Hockey - Women's Int'l
Hot Nite in the City
Hot Nites 2012
Hot Nite 2014

Joey Nash First Nations Murals

Kamloops country roads

Kamloopa Pow Wow
Kamloopa Powwow 2019
Kamloops Lake

Little Farmers Petting Zoo
Lacrosse - mini tyke jamboree
Lacrosse - Gold winners

McLure Ferry
McArthur Island in Autumn
McArthur Island Fall 2012
McArthur Park - Deer
MS Fundraiser at AW
MS Walk 2012

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo
North Thompson River
North Thompson Barriere

Ord Rd to Cooney Bay

Paul Lake ~ Pinantan
Pelicans on Kamloops Lake
Peter Hope Lake
Portraits of Honor
Pritchard to Chase

Queen's Jubilee Train

Rainbows Roost
RCMP Memorial Ceremony
Remembrance Day 2012
Remembrance Day 2013 419 Squadron
Remembrance Day 2014
Riverside Park - Spring
Riverside Park & McArthur walks
Robbins Range
Robbins Range of yesterday
Rodeo at Deadman Creek
Ross Moore Lake
Run for the Cure

Santa Claus Parade 2011
Santa Claus Parade 2012
Secwepemc Museum and Park
Shuswap Lake - Blind Bay
                        - Sockeye Run
Skydivers - animals - blooms
Snowbirds - Operation Inspiration
Snowbird Tribute
Snow in Kamloops
Snowy Spring
South Thompson in the Fall
Springtime in Kamloops
Springtime 2013
Spring 2014
Spring into Summer 2017
Springtime flooding
Springtime waterlevel 2018
Steelhead Park - Savona
Street Rod Association
Summer events
Summer Games 2011 (A)
Summer Games 2011 (B)
Summer in Sun Peaks
Sun Peaks winter- Alpine Village
Sun Peaks - Millan's photos
Sunrise to Sunset

Terry Fox
Terry Fox Run 2012
Thompson River - high waters
Tomato Festival
Tranquille on the Lake
Tranquille Sanatarium
Tranquille Wildlife Management Area
Tranquille River - Criss Creek
Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge

Views of Kamloops
Vintage Cars Easter Parade
Vintage Cars at Tranquille on the Lake

Walhachin Wooden Flumes
Winter Wonderland

Winter sports

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