Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paul Lake ~ Pinantan Lake ~ Scheidam Flats ~ Kamloops, BC

The low lying clouds covered the hilltops but we were hoping to rise above that to enjoy some sunshine above the clouds.  We are heading up to Paul Lake and Pinantan to see what colorful treats the fall season has for us and hope to see some sights on our way up there, as well.

A foggy day makes the sights ominous
Rock sculpture on Scheidam Flats, Kamloops, BC
We see that someone has been busy creating this rock pile that resembled an inukshuk, a stone landmark and by definition is “something which acts for or performs the function of a person”. It may be watching over the horses grazing nearby as we pass through Scheidam Flats.
The mare and her cold graze on sagebrush on a foggy day.
Paint mare and her colt on Scheidam Flats, Kamloops, BC
This beautiful paint and her colt, which I believe to be Tobiano, were grazing in a roadside pasture and a photo was definitely a must!  The mare came over for the apple offered but the colt was timid and kept his distance so no friendships were established there.  I hid behind the sagebrush to get this photo, but he was watching to make sure I didn’t come any closer. All paints can be called a pinto but not all pinto are paints, unless registered as one, so I may be incorrect in calling them a paint.  Whatever they’re called,  they’re gorgeous. 
old buildings sit in the fields of a ranch near Pinantan Lake
Old homestead near Pinantan Lake, Kamloops, BC
We followed the road up to Pinantan and passed by this great looking old homestead. The fields of autumn offer no bright colors but the calm quiet scene with a dusting of snow appears to be a painting.  The sun is trying to break through the clouds to offer some sunshine.
We look across the Jandana corrals and see Martin Mountain
Snow covered Martin Mountain near Pritchard, BC
We’ve stopped for a brief visit at Jandana Ranch and were given a mini tour on this chilly November day.  We are seeing Martin Mountain far off in the distance in Pritchard. The ranch overlooks some wonderful views, including Pinantan Lake, which means shoe or moccasin in traditional Aboriginal language.  The lake is shaped like a moccasin.

Albert the horse looks over the gate from his corral into the barn.
Albert of Jandana Ranch, Kamloops, BC
Our Jandana visit includes meeting Albert, the oldest horse on the ranch.  He seems quite happy meeting us and enjoys getting a nuzzle over the gate. Friends have spent time at the ranch and have highly recommended it for a visit to stay a few days. Click here to learn more.
Aspen trees without leaves on the driveway from Jandana Ranch
Aspen trees line the roadway
We may have left it too late in the season to get many autumn leaves on the trees, especially in higher elevations but the trees without leaves are still a great sight on this brisk sunny afternoon and offer interesting landscapes. 
The snow geese can be seen as they take flight
Snow geese on Pinantan Lake, BC
As we drive around Pinantan Lake, I get a quick glimpse through the trees and see some snow geese on the lake.  By the time I get the car stopped and run across the road for a photo, I hear their big wings flapping against the water in their noisy effort to get airborne.  Snow geese typically head south for the winter so perhaps they have stopped here for a rest on the calm waters of Pinantan Lake
looking down the length of Paul Lake to the west
Paul Lake views, Kamloops, BC
The ice has begun to form on Paul Lake and typically will freeze over for the winter months but looks like this would be a great spot for birdwatching in the springtime. Paul Lake Provincial Park is now closed for the winter season but offers great summer fun on the lake.  Paul Lake, about 4 km long, sits at an elevation of 796 metres (2611 ft.) and has an average depth of 30 metres (98 ft.). The sun is hidden behind the clouds as we head back down the hill and summer time on the lake seems a long ways away now. 

cattle of many colors graze roadside on Paul Lake Road
Cattle on Scheidam Flats, Kamloops, BC
Some of the cattle on this range were curious about the camera on the other side of the fence but not curious enough to wander over my way.  I tried to learn what kind of cattle they are, without much luck; they were not too forthcoming but they’re much more colorful than those we are used to seeing in our hills.

Paul Lake and Pinantan are located about a half hour drive from Kamloops, BC.  Follow Highway 5 north to Paul Lake Road and follow the signs.  These are just some of the treasures of the Kamloops area and another reason why there is just no place like home.