Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Country roads ~ fishing lakes ~ Kamloops, BC

Kamloops is known as a fishing mecca for fishermen and home to the world renowned Kamloops trout, for those who may be interested in fishing!  That does not happen to be my interest but any invitation to go for a drive in this beautiful country is a photo opportunity so is good enough for me.

Edith Lake, Kamloops, BC
There are over two hundred lakes within a 60 mile radius of Kamloops and therefore is considered a fisherman’s idea of paradise.  We are heading out to find one of these two hundred lakes….. and no maps to be found.

Country roads
We have a vague idea of where we are going, although the last visit into this lake was likely forty years ago and was from a different direction, but that’s OK.  Keith knows where that lake is.

Rolling hills in Kamloops, BC
Five minutes out of town and we are on a country road that takes us through some beautiful rolling hills and pastures.  It is still June and although Kamloops is semi-arrid, it seems we’ve had enough rain to keep the hills green.

Which way to go?
We follow the road, which has lots of potholes and puddles but we are in no hurry and so little traffic, we are travelling very slowly and enjoying the view when we come upon a ‘y’ in the road.

Pipeline trail
We chose to follow the pipe line, it may be an easier route, those bumps and potholes were getting difficult after awhile and it sure was not easy taking photos with all those bumps. I needed both hands to keep Maggie and me on the seat!

End of the road
That didn’t work too well!  We had plenty of bumps, potholes and steep hills then we came upon the end of the road.  We had to turn around to follow the pipeline back and decide to follow that other road as we are sure it will take us to where we want to go.

Country road obstacle
We’d seen fallen trees along the way but none had been across the road until we got to this one.  There really is not much sign of traffic on this road so it may have been here for awhile.  Keith lifts it enough so I can drive the truck under and to the other side.

Kamloops country scenes
Our plan to take the other road takes us right back to the ‘end of the road’ we had just come from!  We follow the pipeline back again to the ‘y’ in the road and with no other roads to follow in this area, we make our way back to familiar territory!

Beautiful Kamloops buck
We had not seen any wildlife out in the country during this drive but then what do we see just as we get back to town!  This beautiful buck was enjoying a drink of water and stayed for some photos.

Jacko Lake, Kamloops, BC
We did enjoy some beautiful scenery on our afternoon of travelling the country roads but we did not find that lake we were looking for.  It turns out that they hadn’t moved the lake but sometime during the past 40 years, they had built a new road into that lake and this wasn’t the one.  We will look for that lake on another day.