Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Farmers Petting Zoo ~ Westsyde Centennial Park ~ Kamloops, BC

There are many things to make it easy to say we love Kamloops and lots of them are free!  Like the Little Farmer Petting Zoo in Westsyde Centennial Park. It is a great spot to bring our kids or grandkids to. The little ones can enjoy the safe but close up look at the animals at the Little Farmer Petting Zoo on Franklin Road in Westsyde. Many of the animals come to the fence to let you pet them, they’re all pretty friendly and curious.  The animals especially love the treats that are available in small vending machines on site that have the right food for them for a small fee of 25 cents to $1.00 so bring quarters and loonies when you visit.

Llama at Little Farmers Petting Zoo, Kamloops, BC
The llama was domesticated in the Andrean Highlands of Peru 4,000 to 5,000 years ago and that makes them the oldest domestic animal in the world.  They are very intelligent and that makes them easy to train.  Their hair is grease-free and very lightweight and that makes it a favorite with weavers and knitters, too.  The llama is very social but shy, they’re very gentle but curious.  They live up to 25 years and grow almost 2 meters tall  (6 ft. high) and average 280-450 lbs.

Emu at Little Farmers Petting Zoo in Kamloops, BC

The emu is covered with soft feathers and has tiny wings but is a flightless bird.  They feed on plants and insects and they only drink once or twice every day.  They grow to about 2 M. (6’6”) in height and have long legs that help them sprint at 50 km (31mi) per hour.  The emu is very curious and nosy, too.
Goats in sun at petting zoo, Kamloops, BC
There are quite a few goats and I believe are the pygmy breed. They all love to come to the fence to see if they will get fed. Pygmys have good natured personalities and are very friendly and affectionate. These little ones fight for their spot at the fence when they see the treats coming but when all is quiet at the fence, they just enjoy soaking up the sun. 

Tom Turkey in Little Farmers Petting Zoo
The Bronze Turkey got his name from his bronze-like iridescent sheen, the color of his 5,000 to 6,000 feathers.  The male called a tom or gobbler, has red wattles on his throat and neck and they make them very different from the female, who has duller colors of brown and gray and no red wattles! 

Bronze turkey in Kamloops, BC
This handsome fellow followed me from one side of the fence to another, he seemed to enjoy the company so we had quite a visit.  I couldn’t resist putting in an extra picture of him, I think he is pretty special.

Curious chickens at Little Farmers Petting Zoo
Who knew there were chickens dressed in fluffy coats?  There are many varieties of chickens at the Little Farmers Petting Zoo.  These ones are not for petting but they love to get some of those seeds available in the vending machine close by.

Exotic birds in petting zoo, Kamloops, BC

There are some beautiful birds at the petting zoo. Their cages border Westsyde Park which gives them a great view of the park and all those who come to visit there.

I’ve not met the owners of the petting zoo so am not familiar with the business of it but I understand it is privately owned and these animals are here for our enjoyment at no expense to us. They allow us to pet and feed the animals at the fence by having vending machines available for us to purchase grains and seeds that are suitable for the animals to eat.

Follow Westsyde Rd north to Franklin Rd, then into Westsyde Centennial Park and the Little Farmers Petting Zoo is there on your left at the entrance with the parking lot nearby. Winter may be a bit quieter but no doubt the animals enjoy your company then, too.  A new webpage is being developed  for the Zoo so check out some of their photos and information on there by clicking here.