Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Robbins Range ~ Kamloops, BC

I love us to drive through Robbins Range to enjoy the quiet with the beautiful rolling hills.  We’ve driven it a few times over the years and have taken my visiting sister and husband to see the Range; I could never tire of it.  The history remains a mystery to me even though our dad’s family spent a few years in this part of the country during his young years. 

Rest time for mom and calf
In days of old, there were family homesteads scattered throughout Robbins Range area.  There is still evidence of those days when we drive up there now, but little sign of life today other than some cattle grazing in the fields.  

The old homestead
The ruins of some of these log cabins which were once homes to the families who had lived in this area still offer some insight into what life may have been like back then.  The bare bones of a log cabin are nothing more than logs stacked together to create four walls then a roof.  Insulation as we know it was not used.
Drag harrow still sits
Old farming equipment can still be found sitting amidst the ruins of fences which may have been corrals for the horses and cattle.  This drag harrow was likely pulled by a horse as the attached wooden poles would have been used us a hitching device to harness the horse to it. 

Farm equipment of yesteryear
This old farm equipment may be from very early days as this company that originated in 1895 changed names in 1947 so it could be from those years in between and likely the 30’s.   I am guessing but perhaps this is a baler.   

Robbin's Range sawmill
These hills were also once part of the logging industry, although there are no signs of that now.  A sawmill was brought in by Ed Hughes, my grandfather, in the 1920’s-30’s who went into business and employed local men.    This worker is Reg Gardiner, a local man who later married my grandmother.  If anyone has information concerning this sawmill, I would appreciate hearing it.

Remnants of the wagon
We can see how far transportation has come when we see carts like this.  I don’t think this would be the main transportation for family outings but it sure would have done plenty of hauling hay or other chores on the farm.  A close look shows there are skis rather than wheels so it may have been used to slide across the field whether there was snow or not.

Fencing still stands
There are many ranges for the cattle up in this area today but there are very few signs of life other than the cattle.   You’ll see more homes as you drive through the other ranges and Barnhartvale, which are all part of the beautiful countryside just outside Kamloops.  

Views of the valley
Elevation is higher up in the trees and offers quite a view as we head back home after a great day of enjoying all the views.  Robbins Range is still that special place for me and even though the best I can do is imagine what life was like here in the 30’s, it is a lovely afternoon drive.

There is more on Robbins Range, if you wish to see that, click here.

Just another reason why we love Kamloops, there is no place like home.


  1. Ther were "portable" sawmills in several locations in Robbins Range and Campbell Range; the slag piles are still visible.

    1. Thanks, Holly. Sounds like you could be a history guide for the area!