Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter ~ Kamloops, BC ~ Skiing ~ Snowmobiling ~ Hockey

Winter is not officially here until Dec. 21 but there are no rules or regulations that Mother Nature must follow if she takes a notion to be different.  Whatever we might think about the weather, it is often the topic of discussion.  This  year we got an early start to winter in Kamloops with a very cold snap and snow much earlier than we like to think is the norm, but this can be a wonderful thing !

Kamloops, BC, Canada
Winter for many means there will be fun things to do!  Kamloops offers so many winter sports and activities that it thrills those that have been patiently waiting for this early arrival.  Many of these activities are great for families and there are also some that would be too challenging for the young ones.  Whatever your interests might be, I am sure Kamloops will have something to offer.

New snow and Kamloops Lake reflections

Cross country skiing is a great draw for all ages, too.  There are cross country trails at Harper Mountain and Sun Peaks, as well as at Stake Lake off Lac Le Jeune Road.  It has 60 km (36 mi) of groomed classic trails for beginners to veterans of the sport.  Check the Stake Lake Nordic Centre webpage to learn more.
Hockey for all ages in Kamloops, BC, Canada
Skating can be a family outing as we have five indoor arenas as well as a couple of outdoor ones that you will find all age groups at to enjoy the fun it can be.   Get those skates sharpened and check out the schedules for public skating when you click here for all the arena’s schedules and much more.  Figure skating lessons, hockey schools and organized hockey for all ages are also available at these rinks. Check information for minor hockey here.

Winter scene of Kamloops Lake, BC
Snowmobiling is a great way to spend these winter days.  Those that enjoy this recreation say there is some of the best snowmobiling in the province right outside our door.  There are several locations to choose from.  A short fifteen minutes from town at Lac Le Jeune or Greenstone Mountain or less than an hour to Tod Mountain and Adams Plateau.  A drive up Lac du Bois to Tranquille Lake/Porcupine Meadows trail systems will give you a spectacular view from one of the shelters maintained by the Kamloops Snowmobiling Association.  Click on their name and the webpage will give you lots of information and the opportunity to learn more about their activities. 

Tubing down the hill at Harper Mountain, Kamloops, BC
Tubing and tobogganing can be done in a nearby park or hill.  It only takes a bit of snow and a small hillside for the kids to grab their toboggans and go have fun.  There are several locations around town that we see that happen all winter.  You will find the biggest tubing hill up at Harper Mountain.

Sunpeaks first snowfall of the year
And we cannot forget that downhill skiing and snowboarding is a big part of winter fun for many.  We are fortunate to have Harper Mountain, which has the family run ski hill and a great tubing hill that includes a fire to warm up by only a short drive from the city.  Only 45 min from Kamloops is the Sunpeaks Resort with world class ski runs and wonderful amenities for everyone.  Wouldn’t that be a great place to enjoy a family weekend.  Check their webpage for more information.

Winter sunset on Thompson River, Kamloops, BC
Whatever winter activity you may be interested in, Kamloops has it right out our own back yard and we welcome visitors with open arms.  We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy any or all of these fun things without having to leave our hometown, and that might include enjoying a sunset with hot chocolate to warm you. 
These are all just more reasons why we love Kamloops.