Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Alley Murals ~ Art ~ Kamloops, BC

It has been awhile since we’ve taken a walk through the downtown alleys to have a look at the new murals that have been done since our last visit there.  There were several new ones and some are more than amazing to view.

History with trains

Alex Moir-Porteous was the lead artist, with a crew of Ruby Kasmito, Joy West-Collazzi and Cali Miller.  Volunteers who also helped were Alonzo, Ben Jaarsma and Dawn Marie Duncan.  The train has a long history in Kamloops and the Kamloops Heritage Rail still carries on the old tradition, including a hold-up by the old Billy Miner gang which originally happened in 1906.

Art Gallery

This mural was done in 2015 and sponsored by the K.C.B.I.A. as are many of the others.  I don’t have particulars on that but as the numbers have grown, the interest has grown as has the talents we see.  The artist and assistants on this one are Ken Wells, Britanee Neufeld and Roy Morrison. 

Colorful & Bright

This cleverly uses the downward pipes as palm tree trunks.  Other than a ‘Ksymbol’ at the bottom of these murals, I did not know the artist.  I wish to give credit to the talents who display their work so after doing some searching, found the artist.  Both of these are done by Kelly Wright.

City Street

This mural has so much in it to see.  Called the “Wheel in the Sky”, starring the ‘Great Architect’ has included different names for his helpers as part of the cinema attraction.  Alex Moir-Porteous is the artist who created this.  

Sax Player

This incredible mural was done by Zack Abney.  Being artwork in the alley means there is no way to get away from garbage bins that we have to see but I’d lose almost half of the photo if I were to crop them out.  So we see it as it is, and the magic of the painter will keep your eyes on the mural.

Peace and Love

Artist Ken Wells signifies the Old Mystic sending out flowers with his doves to share peace and love.  The birdcage actually surrounds a window, such a good placement of it.  This does remind me of a visit to Hong Kong when a walk around the park you will see many senior men with their birdcages with birds hanging in the trees as they sit and visit with one another.  If memory serves me right, they were budgies and parakeets, though, no doves. 

Leland Hotel

Evan Christian created this mural in 2017.  It brings back historical memories of the old Leland Hotel with brightness.  It was built in 1905 and had 75 years to create a colorful history, sadly it burnt down in 1980. 

Kelly Olynyk

This one is of Kelly Olynyk and slightly off the track of the alley locations but I had to include it.  It is at Thompson Rivers University by the basketball gymnasium.  Kelly played basketball during his high school years in Kamloops and eventually went on to bigger and better things, now playing for the NBA. Bill Frymire is the artist who created this mural that is a strong resemblance to Kelly Olynyk.

Lansdowne Parkade

The City of Kamloops commissioned Bill Frymire to create this mesh image on the Lansdowne Parkade.  It wraps around both sides and the front offering a brilliant colorful sight and depending on where you stand, the colors can vary.  It is unlike anything I’ve seen before and am not quite sure what it might be technically called but it is art and it is amazing.  

Work up close

It has 90,000 brushed steel tiles, each one representing the population of Kamloops.  Most of the tiles are stationary but the one wave sweeping the breadth of it has left the tiles fluttering that allows them to shimmer even more in the breeze.

We then met a couple of visitors from Australia who were enjoying a solo tour of the murals with a mural map in hand.  We had a nice chat about the newest mural before we went on our way. The Tourist Centre or City of Kamloops should have the maps, as well as many who carry tourist brochures.

To view other murals I posted in 2016, click here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Summertime ~ Kamloops, BC

The first day of summer arrived on a Friday leading into a week of summer activities.  We wait for this day with great anticipation as we expect summer weather to be a constant sunny and warm.  That may be our normal summertime but it just doesn’t always happen.  We had a bit of Spring overlap.

He scores!
For the most part, the soccer tournament games were played between the weekend showers.  We only went to two of the games, one on each weekend day, and got rain neither one but there were scattered showers happening.  We did see our youngest grandson make a special goal, his very first!  I would have sat in the rain to see that. 

Westsyde Horse Show
Westsyde Park hosted a horse show on Sunday.  Several showed their horses by walking around the outside arena, being judged for things I would not have any idea about.  They were so enjoyable to watch, but what horse isn’t, especially when being ridden by someone who knows what they are doing. 

Mental Health Bike Ride
We saw many many bikes riding the Westsyde Road before they headed down to ride on the dyke that passes Westsyde Centennial Park.  They were supporting bringing mental health into the open.  The total ride was 25 km long, so good for all and thanks to those who participated for this worthy cause.

Entertaining Emu
The Little Farmer’s Zoo adjacent to Westsyde Park never lacks for some animal entertainment.  So many people enjoy watching the antics, especially of the goats, they do seem to know to perform.  I think my favorite is the Emu, who seemed as interested in my camera as I was in him.  He did give it a peck once, as his long neck gives him a long reach, but I think he was hoping for an edible.

Little Farmers Zoo
Little Farmer’s Zoo offers machines to purchase appropriate food for the animals to avoid feeding them food scraps that may do them harm.  Feed is very inexpensive and will definitely get the animals to the fence once they know you have something for them.  All animals are behind the fence but petting can still be accomplished for some.

TRU basketball
This basketball court is at Thompson Rivers University and has attracted several young players on this morning.  As regular classes are over for the year, I suspect these kids could be here for fun, practice or lessons?

Deer attending University
We see a local visitor on the grass of TRU enjoying a lunchtime snack.  She’s alone here and with all the construction going on at the campus I am surprised to see her.  This campus has grown.

McArthur Park Skateboarding
Kamloops has several skateboarding parks, and rarely are they empty but with summertime here, they will likely keep pretty busy.  This one is located at McArthur Island.

Brock Pool
This is a small group of swimmers at the Brock Pool compared to shortly after.  There were 5 school buses arrive in the parking lot while those who came on them had swimming or picnicking in the park.  Brock Park includes a playground area, swimming pool and tennis courts, as well as an inside ice arena.  Great place for any summer day, especially ones like this.

Mt. Paul and North Thompson River

What could be prettier that Mt. Paul and Mt. Peter reflected in the North Thompson River, which is great for kayaking, and is lined with lush green bushes and trees.  This pathway offers a nice walk along Schubert Drive on the NorthShore.

So many things to do in summertime Kamloops, an outdoor paradise.  Hopefully everyone has a safe and fun summer ahead of them.