Saturday, October 25, 2014

Autumn Leaves ~ Schubert Drive ~ Kamloops, BC

The many colors of autumn often make the prettiest views of the year.  I do not know how many shades of yellow there are but to look at these trees along the banks of the North Thompson River, there appears to be many.

Leaves of Autumn
Schubert Drive is named after the Schubert family who were part of the Overlanders.  They were the first settlers to arrive at Fort Kamloops from Ft. Garry in 1862.  Catherine Schubert was the only woman to make that journey; they are true pioneers of our area.

Trail to North Thompson River
On a sunny day in the fall, the leaves brighten up the drive along the river and the fallen leaves remind us that it will not be long and winter is on its’ way.  Taking time to enjoy the fall season is easiest when the sun shines but that doesn’t always happen the way we want it to.  One day, it seems the leaves are there and the next day they are all down.

Mt. Peter and Mt. Paul
The barren trees make it much easier to see the river and that offers a whole new view and the birds who are normally hidden within the leaves can also be seen.  Mt. Paul and Mt. Peter sit above where the two rivers meet at Kamloops.

Carved Cedar Poles
There is a small parking area along Schubert that also is host to three sculptures by Giles Kent of Great Britain.  The tallest one stands 7-6 metres (25’) tall.  A gazebo is there to sit and enjoy the view from.

North meets South Thompson
The South Thompson River joins onto the North Thompson just beyond this point and continues down to Kamloops Lake.   The river is still fairly wide here but as the water level decreases during this time of year, there is lots of sandy beaches to walk on, and many do.

River Walk of Kamloops, BC
Schubert Drive is a lovely walk at this time of year.  It is part of the River Walk that spans 40 km. that covers many areas of Kamloops.   All the River Walk but McArthur Island Park and Riverside Park is dog friendly so Schubert Drive it is a great place to take the dog for a walk or run, too.
Another reason why there is no place like home.