Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kamloops Lake ~ Cherry Creek ~ Savona, BC ~

We love RVing that takes us to every corner of this beautiful country but sometimes we may see something right outside our own door (or perhaps a friends’ door) that can take our breath away.  I enjoy every season looking at Kamloops Lake from our favorite viewpoint in Cherry Creek.

Kamloops Lake, Kamloops, BC

The North Thompson River meets the South Thompson River in Kamloops then flow into Kamloops Lake, west of downtown Kamloops.  Due to the fact that the lake is river fed, the level can vary quite a bit over the year.  There can be up to 30 feet difference between high and low season, which exposes rocky edges and wide beaches late summer and fall.

Reflections on Kamloops Lake, BC

Kamloops Lake is 1.6 km (1mi) wide and 29 km (18 mi) long, and averages 71m (233 ft) deep.   The water passes thru the lake at varying speeds, depending on the time of year and volume of water in the lake but averages about 60 days for all water to pass through Kamloops Lake.  This water qualifies to meet or exceed the Canadian Drinking Water Standards. 

Snowy rockface on Kamloops Lake, BC

Frederick is a small community on the north side of the lake, and Tobiano Golf Course and Cherry Creek are situated on the south side.  Savona was originally set on the north side and called Savona Ferry.  It was at Savona that “the Martin” was launched, reported to be the first steamboat built in the interior of B.C.

Everchanging shadows and reflections on Kamloops Lake
Savona Ferry was the last stop of the Cariboo Wagon Road from Cache Creek and where travelers then boarded the steamship to journey up Kamloops Lake to Kamloops during the years 1865-1885 before the CPR was built.  It was then at that time that Savona Ferry was moved across the frozen lake, building by building as the railway became the main transportation.

Grandpa and Grandson enjoy the view of Kamloops Lake
Winter can bring cold enough temperatures that ice is formed on the lake but rarely would it ever be considered thick enough to skate or ice fish on.  I believe there could be shallow bays that might be more likely to freeze enough for skating, which did happen in recent years in Savona.  Usually there are just very thin ice patches, as seen from this viewpoint.

Viewpoint of Kamloops Lake at Savona, BC
The highway we now use on the south side of Kamloops Lake was built in the early 1900’s.  Just east of Savona there is a Viewpoint Lookout and Rest stop that offers a 180 degree view.  From here you will enjoy an incredible view of Kamloops Lake as well as see where both CNR and CPR tracks meander along both sides of the lake.  It would not be long before you would be watching a train as it makes its way past the viewpoint and rest area.

Balancing Rock on Kamloops Lake, BC
The Savona Balancing Rock, called the ‘Coyote Rock’ by local First Nations can be viewed from the highway if you go a short distance down the highway from the Viewpoint Lookout towards Savona.  It does blend in well with its’ surroundings and can be a bit difficult to see.  There is a trail through private property that apparently owners allow hikers to use, still further down the road, that would give you a closer view.  This picture was taken from lakeside.

                                                         Savona on Kamloops Lake, BC
The major lakeside community is Savona as you enter the Gold Country from the east.  This would suggest it was so named due to the history of the gold rush of years gone by but I think I may have found the ‘pot of gold’ right in downtown Savona if I follow this rainbow.  Kamloops Lake and surrounding areas including Savona, are truly treasures to enjoy.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Where to next.? Happy New Year

  2. Grew up on this lake. Water was beautiful. We had a cattle ranch on the south shore.