Monday, January 2, 2017

Sun Peaks ~ Ski Days ~ Kamloops, BC

Our grandson, Millan had been skiing with his dad, our son Brook and taken an incredible photo that got me excited to see more.

I haven’t put on a pair of skiis for so many years that the thought of doing it was scary so that wasn't going to happen.  I asked Millan if he would like to make a ‘ski team’ with me at home and he take more ski photos that I could use on a blog.  He thought it was a great idea, too, so here are the results!  All photos by Millan Webster.

Amazing view from Gil's Hike
This is the first photo taken on one of their earlier ski days of the season.  This was the view when they took the Gil’s Hike.  This was a very beautiful view taken by a 13 year old with his phone!  I was impressed! The project then began!

Elevation Chair
The Elevation Chair is seen from the black Cariboo Run.  The colors green, blue and black are used to explain the difficulty of the run, and green is the easiest of them, blue for a bit more experienced, black is difficult but there are double black, even more difficult.

Homesteader Run
Tod Mountain is the highest peak of three at 2155 metres (7070’) that are the Sun Peaks Alpine Resort.  Sundance Mountain and Mt. Morrisey are the other two that have been added for more skiing trails over the years and are all part of the Shuswap Highlands.

OSV Tree Trail
Tod Montain was named after John Tod, a fur trader in charge of Fort Kamloops in 1841.  This became a local ski area for Kamloops with the Burfield Lodge and Burfield chair opening in 1961.

Green Rambler Trail
Tod Mountain was purchased by a large company in 1992.  It was renamed in 1993 and has seen much growth and become internationally known since.

Green 5 Mile Run
Sun Peaks now has 12 lifts that can handle 12,000 riders per hour.  The longest lift is the Burfield Lift that has survived all these years, being a 23 minute ride.  There are 135 runs and 40 km of cross country trails. 

View from Bentos Lodge
Our skiing days are long behind us now but I do remember enjoying our beautiful Sun Peaks scenery on days with powder white snow and blue skies with our kids.  Our younger generations are now enjoying the same, our 7 year old grandson had his first lesson and loved it!  Another one for the ‘ski team’!  It is wonderful to be able to see their photos to bring back those memories of skiing days!

Shuswap Lodge 
Thanks to Millan, our wonderful 13 year old grandson who is also now my ‘ski team’ and ‘blogging partner’ and who contributed these great photos.

Sun Peaks has so much more to offer.  Visit it soon! 

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