Thursday, May 28, 2020

Pritchard ~ Chase, BC ~ Country Roads

As always, it is nice to go for a drive to see some of this great area.  When weather permits it is even better so it is all about timing and sometimes our timing isn’t quite right!  We start out with a bit of sunshine and hope it will get better.

Pritchard, BC
Pritchard is a small community on Hwy 1 heading east from Kamloops.  Walter Percy Pritchard bought 160 acres in 1907 then built Hotel Pritchard and a post office.  The location needed a name so he gave his own and it has been known as Pritchard ever since. The one lane bridge was built shortly after and is still in use.

Siesta time
We crossed the Pritchard Bridge over the South Thompson River and followed the Kamloops-Shuswap Road east.  There are several ranches along this road and cattle can be seen scattered about the fields.  This turned out to be rest time for the herd.

Kamloops area has always been a good location for vineyards.  Several have begun over the past few years and have developed a lot of attention due to the quality. At one time the valley was full of orchards and beer hops but wine is now the main crop.

Scenic views
The South Thompson is getting quite high at this time of year after the Spring thaw and rainy season so we are seeing a very wide river and hoping for no floods.  The railway is a big part of Kamloops history so rarely will we be out for a drive without seeing a train or two.
 Fields of Lupine
A friend had said there were lots of flowers to be seen on this drive so we wanted to make sure we got out there before they died.  Sure enough, we came upon fields of lupine just off the road.  Here grows plenty of edible lupine, edible part is news to me, pretty but not too appetizing looking.  I see no cattle eating it, either.

Rainclouds ahead
There is one big rain cloud ahead.  Not being sure we will be driving into that or not, we carry on.  Taking photos out a rainy window isn’t easy.  If only the sun was shining, we’d be seeing beautiful sights out here but at least everything does look so green and clean today.

Balsamroot galore
The Balsamroot flower of the sunflower family covers many hills in our area in the springtime.  It also is edible but apparently rather bitter so I’m not going to try this one, either.  Wildlife and cattle can eat it but haven’t seen that yet, either.  

Chase, BC
We drove through the rain shower in short time and passed through the green hills of what was originally known as Neskonlith Douglas Reserve as we approached Chase, BC.  This was named for Chief Neskonlith after the Indian Reserve System was established in the 1860’s.  Now known as home to the Neskonlith Band.

Chase Creek meets South Thompson River
The South Thompson River begins its’ travels from this point at the west end of Little Shuswap Lake.  The Lake does not show the same signs as the Chase Creek, which picks up dirt as it rises along the way during this season and brings it into the South Thompson where it joins up.  The season hasn’t peaked yet but once it does, the water will return to a nicer color that we can once again enjoy for swimming and fishing.

Pine Street Bridge

We will cross the Pine Street Bridge and enter Chase, a small tourist attraction town on the Shuswap Lake.  Chase was named after an American Whitfield Chase who originally moved here for the gold rush in 1855.  He married and settled here in 1865 and farmed the area.  The town was named in his honor in 1902 long after he’d passed away.

So that’s our drive for today.  Hopefully the next drive we take you on will be without rain but no matter the weather, we shall appreciate all that surrounds Kamloops, there is just no place like home.