Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Nations Murals ~ Artist Joey Nash ~ Parkcrest Elementary School

A Recipe for Success:  Mix a great artist and wonderful lady like Joey Nash with First Nations education worker Christina Boyer, then mix in the students at Parkcrest Elementary School in Kamloops, BC and you will have some incredible murals to fill the hallways of the school that will inspire others for years to come.

Fin Friends door to welcome all to Parkcrest school in Kamloops, BC
 The First Nation style of art is very evident in these murals, they're also lessons of life that the students were learning and sharing by creating these wonderful works of art.

Hummingbird door is Joey's favorite
The first meeting Joey Nash would have with each classroom would include the students and their teacher, they would then decide what theme they would like to use.  They would do drawings of their ideas and make a template of the mural to be created on the door leading into their classroom.  With Joey's guidance and teaching, they would begin their creations.

Circle of Life at Parkcrest Elementary School in Kamloops, BC
The youngest of classes would participate in their creations by dabbing their fingers in the paint and make pebbles on the ground or insects in the grass and Joey would add her talents with the native style animals, fish and birds.

Mid day window view at Parkcrest Elementary
There were murals made as views through three windows showing morning, midday and evening to brighten the windowless computer room.

Storyboard morning in Spring greets those coming in the front door of Parkcrest School in Kamloops, BC
The hallway near the entrance of the school has storyboards to take us throught a day from morning to night and the four seasons with the little creatures that live in our world.

Raven door brightens the hallway of Parkcrest Elementary School
The Raven, also the school mascot was featured in one mural for all to enjoy.  What wonderful sights to see as the class enters their room for their day in school and the pride they would feel in their participation in that artwork.

Learn Play Grow door at Parkcrest Elementary School
The bear reading in this mural is wearing purple glasses, as does the teacher of this classroom, a personal touch as well as whimsy for a Kindergarten class.

I spent the afternoon getting a tour of the murals in the school as well as visiting with Joey Nash and hearing her passion for the art she creates and her love of sharing it with students of all ages.  I am sure that she has inspired some young artists at Parkcrest Elementary School and hopefully they will continue telling the stories of the First Nations people.

To learn more about our talented local Kamloops artist Joey Nash, click here to browse her website with her self-portrait to greet you and enjoy her many paintings shown there, including more murals from the Parkcrest Elementary School.