Thursday, October 13, 2016

Walk in the Parks~McArthur~Riverside~Kamloops, BC

We are enjoying a few lovely sunny days following some big October rain.  The cool crisp weather makes for a beautiful blue sky with fall leaves starting to make their changes.  

MacArthur Island Slough
Our first stop today is at McArthur Island Park on the north shore where the Slough offers some nice reflections of color.  The Thompson River level is low at this time of year and offers some quiet waters for the ducks and geese to enjoy.

Deer Family
While taking photos of the geese on the river, I happened to look down and what a surprise!  A beautiful doe was munching on the leaves and then hidden behind the bush there was a baby with her.

Well hidden 
We watched quietly for a while then walked away for a bit so not to disturb them anymore.  When we came back, the doe was still out but we saw two babies nestled under the bushes nearby, almost impossible to see.  Click here and here to see more of the park on other visits.

Railway bridge over South Thompson
We then moved on to visit Riverside Park in downtown Kamloops.  It is still early for all leaves to be turning but with the ones that are, offer a pretty contrast against the blue sky.

Bicycle Repair Station
Not being bike riders, it may have been here awhile but we hadn’t noticed this bike repair station before.  It is about the size of a golf bag but has air and fix-it helpers for bike repairs.  What a great idea for those bikes that may need help while on the Rivers Trail.

Welcome to Riverside Park
We have had some great rain this year which gives us lots of green to enjoy at our parks.   Riverside Park was developed in 1902 and has evolved into a beautiful park in Kamloops.  Click here to see more of the park on another visit.

A quiet walk in the Park
There have been some recent additions made at Riverside Park which includes new pickle ball courts by the tennis courts, which are also still there.  Pickle ball has become a very popular sport in Kamloops.

Oblix at Riverside
Standing strong by one of the entrances to the park is this great ¾ life size bronze bull, Oblix.  He was first put in the park in 2007 representing the ranching heritage of the area.  Donated to Kamloops by the artist Joe Fafard who sculpted him, he was recently moved to this new location in the Park.

North Thompson River
There is a plaque in this tiny park on Schubert Drive along the North Thompson River that commemorates the Schubert Family who were a part of the Overlanders who came to the area in 1862.  Shortly after their arrival, baby Rose was born on Oct. 14, one hundred and fifty four years ago this week.

There are several parks in the city, many of them with beautiful fall colors at this time of year.  Hopefully we can all enjoy more sunny days to watch the changes of the season.