Monday, July 15, 2019

North Thompson River ~ Chinook Cove ~ Barriere, BC

Kamloops, BC and the surrounding area have much to offer.  We decided we would like to enjoy our hometown area more and so we planned a two day RV stay with friends up the North Thompson Valley in Barriere, BC.  Our RV trips are usually much longer but with so much here to see, why not spend time in the comfort of our RV.  Our mini holiday begins.

Chinook Cove, Barriere, BC
We stayed at Chinook Cove Golf and RV.  The golf course is absolutely beautiful.  The course is so well kept and the weather, although we had nighttime showers, was perfect with sunshine during the days.  Perfect RV’ing and golfing weather.  I enjoyed the scenery and the ride around the golf course more than I did the golfing, lol.  This is a view of the flat half, wait till you see the next half!  The hills and valleys aren’t easy to see in these photos but they were there!

Chinook Cove Golf and RV Park
I am not a very accomplished golfer, although I have swung those clubs a zillion times at many golf balls, but this was the most intimidating golf course I have ever been on.  I likely only golfed about three of the nine holes, rather than lose the pretty golf balls I have!  I would suggest that anyone going might want to carry extra golf balls with them.  The fellas lost a few of them on our round.

RV Park at Chinook Cove
The RV Park is not large with 18 great spots and nice facilities, as well.  It is only a 45 minute drive from our home in Kamloops and makes for a good place to spend a few days, especially for those who enjoy a challenging round of golf. 

Green hills on the Yellowhead Hwy
These lush green hills are slightly different than the sage hills we have closer to Kamloops but we have still not reached our dry days of summer yet, so the green will not stay so lush, I’m sure.  No drought but we’ve had them in the past.  This area is part of the McLure Fire in 2003 that destroyed over 65 thousand acres.  The spikey outline at the top of these hills are what is left of the trees that burned.

North Thompson River
Droughts can be a danger with fire season as well as lightening, arson and human carelessness, which was the cause of this 2003 fire.  Thankfully, much of the terrain has new growth since that time and creates a much nicer sight than it did back then, it was a sad sight to see.  The North Thompson River weaves its way through the valley and creates some beautiful scenery.

Ranch land at McLure, BC
Being a passenger in the truck definitely allows me to see more and usually with my camera ready.  I had hoped I would get the rainbow showing under the irrigation sprinkler and there it is. Takes little to excite me for photos. lol Much of Kamloops and area is ranching country and we see many horses on this part of the North Thompson Valley. 

Young buck
Timing was good for me with my camera as well as for this young buck as he ran across the busy highway.  Not all wildlife are this lucky.  This wouldn’t be an unusual sight so hopefully most drivers would be watchful for them. 

Ranching on Westsyde Road
We had been following the Yellowhead Highway north from Kamloops on the east side of the North Thompson River to Barriere and today we are on the Westsyde Road on the west side of the River.  The valley width is not large and as on the Yellowhead, this road rarely loses sight of the river.  Peaceful days of summer with horses grazing in the field are such a calming sight to see.

Whispering Pines 

Our drive took us as far as Whispering Pines when Mother Nature decided to rain on this off road racing fun.  These facilities host numerous events throughout the summer but hopefully most of them would happen on a warm summer day.

There are many things going on during our summer months but we hope to get out and enjoy some more of our local areas before the summer ends.

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