Sunday, May 5, 2013

Springtime in Kamloops, BC

We love Kamloops, no matter what the season is but some certainly do bring a little more excitement than other seasons.  After spending most of the winter away, we are anxious to see what spring has brought to our home in Kamloops.  Spring is special.  New green, new color and new life.

All five calves were looking at the camera for this photo
Group photo of young calves
Spring means new life in the animal kingdom and this was my lucky day! The cattle industry has a lot of history in Kamloops and spring time is when the population increases.  We visited where there were five new calves and two more expected soon.  I couldn’t have asked for a better photo than this one that shows them all enjoying the sunshine of the warm day. Everybody say cheese!  
The colt stands for a moment for the photo
Beautiful new filly 
Spring also brought this baby into the animal kingdom.  This little filly was born 9 days ago and didn’t make it easy to get a photo of her without her mom but I managed to get one that shows her pretty face and pose.  Looks like she is getting ready to be a show horse already!    
The 9 year olds did a lot of running in these soccer and lacrosse games.
Lacrosse and soccer games in Kamloops, BC
Spring means all the kids are filling the sports fields for games and tournaments.  Kamloops is the Tournament Capital and there are school yards and fields all over the city that are full of kids, young and old playing their sports most evenings and weekends, preparing for future tournaments. 
Tulips are still in flower when the lilacs are about to burst their blossoms
Tulips and lilac blossoms in Kamloops, BC
Spring brings all those pretty blossoms and flowers to brighten up our yards.  Tulips follow the daffodils in my yard and you’ll see them in most neighborhoods as the colorful sign of spring flowers.   The lilacs are almost ready to burst open.   
Hills of Kamloops are green for a short time in spring
A path leads the way up the Kamloops hillside
Spring means green. The hills around Kamloops are green with the look of velvet before turning their desert colors once the sun has a chance to heat the area up in this semi-arid climate of summer.  
I believe these flowers are of the daisy family
Yellow daisies of the Kamloops hills
Spring brings the wild flowers to bloom and clusters of these yellow flowers are seen scattered over many of the hills of Kamloops 
These finch visit our yard often
The male House Finch 
The hardest part is to remember that March 20 is the FIRST day of spring, technically, and we will not wake up to find sunny days, green grass and blossoms galore!  Depending on what part of the country we live in, we will begin to see winter disappear and signs of spring begin to arrive, ever so slowly, at times!  . 
The robin has a great view from his perch high in this tree
Find the singing robin
Today, I heard my first robin of the year, and although he was too high in the tree for me to get a good photo, his song was loud and clear.  He waited very patiently, singing his little heart out, until I came back with the camera to get this photo.  We’ve had other birds spend time in our neighborhood, but robins are rarely seen here anymore.
These two gophers were among many scurrying about the area.
Gophers possibly discuss the spring equinox
March 20, 2013 was the Vernal or Spring Equinox, meaning it was the first day of spring The word ‘equinox’ is derived from a latin word meaning ‘equal nights’.  It is at this time of year that the sun sits directly above the equator therefore creating equal day and nighttime hours. 

There is an old lyric, from an anonymous author, known for many generations that I always think of at this time of year.  “Spring has sprung, the grass has ris, I wonder where the birdies is”.  “Anonymous” used poor English skills but in spite of that, the message is clear.  I think spring has finally sprung!