Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tranquille on the Lake ~ Kamloops ~ BC ~ Canada

We love Kamloops and the sunshine makes it even better when taking a drive.
To quote Winnie the Pooh, “what day is it today?” asked Pooh, “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.  
 “My favorite day,” said Pooh.”  So we are off to see the sights on 'my favorite day', too.

We are looking across the wetland at Tranquille on the Lake
Tranquille Wildlife Management Area
This beautiful tranquil scene is what you will see as you approach Tranquille on the Lake. Today they are hosting the grand opening for their first TranquilleFarmFresh Market (held May 26 and 27, 2012) and it offered a perfect opportunity to see the changes that were happening out there.

Before and after pictures of the barn at Tranquille on the Lake
Changes to the original barn at Tranquille

The most obvious changes were to the buildings that we see as we head up the driveway.  These pictures show the before and after so you can see the difference from my last visit until today.  Now I am very excited to see more.
The Calf barn has gotten a new exterior finish to look new
The Calf barn hosts the Market

The TranquilleFarmFresh Market is open on Saturday from 9am-4pm and Sunday is 10am-4pm and the calf barn is where they have set up some individual displays for local artisans as well as their locally grown produce.  A novel idea for a market, to be sure.
The photo shows the work done inside the calf barn for the Market
Inside calf barn - before and after

You can imagine my interest in seeing what had been done to the inside of the calf barn to make it a presentable market place, having seen it a few years earlier.  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the bright clean interior.  It isn’t too large but is enough to house several ‘stall’ shops.
These posters show the proposal and the information with plans about the future community in Kamloops, BC
Tranquille on the Lake Project proposal

The Tranquille on the Lake proposal plan is displayed on the walls and gives us the opportunity to see and read what is planned for the village.  It will be a wonderful urban living location when it is completed.  Learn more by clicking on this until you can come out there yourself to see what is happening.
The homes that have been renovated sit down the road at Tranquille Sanatorium in Kamloops
Newly renovated homes for the old Tranquille Sanatorium

There are three renovated homes that would never be recognized as ones that have been here forever. The majority of the cleaning and renovating work has been done by three couples who now live and work at Tranquille on the lake.  Troy & Charlotte, Mike & Joylene and Tim & Annette are hard at work to make this place a home for many .  
The barn is in the background and down in front is the root cellar with painted red doors and the new sign
A new sign for TranquilleFarmFresh at Tranquille on the Lake

I have always understood that there is a lot of work to farming and respect those that do choose that lifestyle.  So much time and hard work is invested into a farm like this and I hope Kamloops supports their efforts.  Click here if you wish to check out their webpage and learn more, such as the concert planned for June 10th.  You can also get on their mailing list to get their news; volunteer; participate in several ways.  Check it out.
The renovated building contains the heritage display of the old Tranquille Sanatorium.
Gallery with heritage display of Tranquille Sanatorium

Mel of St. Andrews on the Square Heritage committee was displaying some photos and newspaper clippings about the old Sanatorium.  The history is fascinating, click here if you wish to read more.  Mel is seeking any and all information or photos and hopes to see anyone who may have a connection to the old hospital. If you have anything for her, give her a call at 250-377-4232 or email her at:  heritage@ocis.net
looking from site of Tranquille on the lake towards Kamloops to the east
Mt. Paul and Mt. Peter in the distance

I was very impressed with the changes that are happening to Tranquille and excited that after several failed attempts by others in the past, Tranquille on the Lake shows promise and I am confident that Kamloops will not be disappointed this time.
I met some of these great people that are working very hard to create a destination for us to visit and enjoyed hearing their plans while sharing my favorite day with them.

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  1. Great article and pictures Shiela! I visited their booth at the downtown farmers market on Saturday morning, but put off buying until we made a trip out to the farm that afternoon.
    What a beautiful, peacful place. Fresh radishes, spinach, lettuce ... perfect. And then a little walk/drive around. So much potential that I can hardly wait for the bright future.