Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Kamloops Country Roads

There was a time when Sunday drives were the normal family outing.  Times have changed for us, family has grown and we are retired so we have that option every day of the week.  It has changed for all ages for many reasons.  The work week turned into seven days a week with store openings so there just wasn’t the family day like there once had been. 

Today has changed even more with the pandemic that has immersed itself into our world and changed everything once again.  We are now restricted as to our outings but with much caution.  We have taken the opportunity to go for a Sunday drive to find some places that forget what goes on in the world.

Kamloops voodoos
These Hoodoos that line the South Thompson are an interesting way of being reminded that they’ve evolved over thousands of years yet are still standing, big and strong.  They are most common in dry places and being we are semi-arid hoodoos are seen in several places around Kamloops.

Old corral
It has been many years since this fencing was put here and is amazing how it still stands against time.  The construction is rustic but it did what it needed to do.  Cattle would be brought down from the range and closed into the corral then would walk through this narrow walkway to the waiting truck.

Blooming begins
The hills are now green and there are some trees in blossom stages so although we are well into Spring time, we are just now getting some signs that it has arrived.  I’ve been anxious to come out on a nice sunny day to get some encouraging photos that spring really has arrived.  Still not quite there, IMHO.

Low level South Thompson
The South Thompson River comes down from Shuswap Lake and is now waiting for the spring runoff to fill it to the brim.  These sandbars cover a lot of ground when the river is at a winter low but before long this river will be running at a much higher level that we’d want before it settles down to summer levels. 

South Thompson cove
This makes for a nice little cove but that island down there will be under water within days.  With the temperature warming up, the snow in high levels is melting and will be adding to the river levels.  The sunshine didn’t last long today but on a nice sunny day, this looks like it could be a nice place to visit while cruising up the river in a boat.

Curious horses
We’d notice this beautiful buckskin horse up ahead behind a fence.  Once we got there, there was a clearance in the trees at the fence and we saw three of them so I had to get out and get closer for a visit.  The buckskin came first and reached out for a pat and the other two joined him.  I was so happy to get some pets with them that I was a bit distracted for picture taking.  Within a few moments, they were on their way, running towards a whistle, or so it seemed.  Trees in the way for photos then.

Going shopping
We hadn’t driven far from the horse visit when we saw two chickens coming down the road towards us!  This is a country road, not a lot of traffic but still a bit dangerous for them and not something we’d expect to see.  I got out of the truck and once they saw me, they came running towards me!  That’s a first! LOL.  I had to get photos but a video would have been better.  I shuttled them back across the road to let some cars go by and a third chicken joined us.  It appeared that no one was home at the main house but the chicken house was full of chickens who were now following me on their side of the fence.  I was able to calmly send the 3 escaped chickens up the bank towards their home before getting back in the truck.  I think they were out shopping for food, it was lunch time for them.

Deer and llamas
A country road drive would not be right without seeing some deer.  There were seven of them quite a ways off the road in a big field enjoying it all to themselves.  Deer are not looking for pats or food so they weren’t wanting to see me come any closer than the road.  There were no fawns in sight.             The llama were quite a ways off the road, too, and although they showed a bit of curiosity while they watched me taking their picture, they made no effort to come for a visit.  They were maintaining social distancing, as we are having to do during this pandemic.  Clever llamas.

Feedlot buffet
Lunch was served buffet style and the cattle were not practicing social distancing, they had ‘missed the memo’.  All things seem to be normal for these ones, so we aren’t complaining to anyone!  Just enjoying the day and the many sights it offers.

Pritchard Bridge

The country road drive has come to an end and we cross over the Pritchard Bridge to get onto the highway to go back home.  This bridge was built in the early 1900 and spans the South Thompson River.  It is a one lane bridge, although a bit wider and higher in the center to allow boats to go under.

Our Sunday drive offered some sunshine, some great Kamloops hoodoos, farm animals and plenty of calm.  Those chickens strutting down the road was the chuckle of our day!

Times can be made to enjoy and we must make the most of what we have. 


  1. Love the shot of the Old Corral!!! And fancy meeting chickens out for a stroll. Great post!!

  2. Awesome photos...Larry and I have travelled this area a few times...Love the hoodoos and wildlife...Looks so peaceful and inviting.....Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks, Linda. It was a peaceful drive, hoping to do more.