Monday, October 7, 2019

Thompson Rivers University ~ Kamloops,BC

A nice sunny fall day and a drive around the campus of Thompson Rivers University makes for a great reason to share some photos.  We’ve cruised around here at times, just to see the changes but this visit shows some major growth happening.

OLd Main Building
This university began with small steps in September 1970 when it opened in the Kamloops Indian Band facilities until it could move into their new facility at the present location on McGill in 1971.  The campus was small and held 367 full time students and 200 part time.  In the 20 years following, it grew tenfold and now has an enrollment of 7500 students. 

A welcoming street to TRU
The City of Kamloops declared a November week in 1986 as “College Week”.  They recognized the role of Cariboo College in “shaping Kamloops culturally, economically, socially, recreationally and educationally” and these great contributions still continues. 

Living Facilities
The growth continued with Cariboo College becoming a university college in 1989 with the name change to University of the Cariboo College. UCC was granted their first Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998 and in 2003 they were able to offer Master’s degrees.

Building with a view
In March 2005 UCC became the newest university in BC and a name change to Thompson Rivers University or TRU.  Nancy Greene, the Canadian Olympian skiier was installed as the first Chancellor at TRU.  On a personal note, Nancy was a student at Nelson’s Notre Dame University when I was a young worker there and would cover my desk job when I was out to lunch, literally! lol

New construction
It really has been an amazing addition to Kamloops and continues to grow with several new buildings presently being built.  We are not sure what the new buildings are all for but some of them are to the stage where it is obviously living spaces for students.  

Landscaping pleasures
The 250 acre campus has been beautifully landscaped as it grows and offers plenty of sights to enjoy with grass, flowerbeds and trees that now offer autumn colors.

A great view of Thompson Rivers

The view of the Thompson Rivers cannot be beat and offers the perfect name for the university.
There is an Open House at TRU on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 from 9am to 3pm at the Old Main Building and the invitation is for all to come and see what TRU has to offer.  More details here.

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