Saturday, September 11, 2010

Allan Matthews School ~ 1957 ~ 1959 ~ Class Reunion ~ Kamloops, BC

Once upon a time……….. no, I can’t use that phrase. It has been used many times before but I almost feel that I am going to write a fairytale ! I have been thinking about a class reunion of my Grade 5 and 6 classes from Allan Matthews School. Now that was in 1957-1958….. over 50 years ago!

That was then.........
Does that date qualify for a fairytale? No, but it sure does take us back many years to a faraway time. I think most of us get to this age and wonder, "where did the time go? Before you know it, we will be……….." well, let’s not go there ! Let’s just celebrate the fact that we are still here, that we can remember it, and talk about it over lunch!

this is now...............
Thea and Trudy Boultbee, Linda Ashbee,
Sheila Hughes, Maureen Morrison
Mr. Len Fowles was our teacher for a Grade 5/6 split class in 1957-58. I hope we can contact some of those in Gr. 6, that would have moved onto Gr. 7 at KamHigh the following year.  Some of those same classmates from Gr. 5 are in the Gr. 6 picture shown here.   Mr. Fowles and his wife have accepted the invitation to join the reunion on Oct. 18, 2010.

Kay Delgarno, Carol Bellos, Sheila Hughes, David Andrew
Many of those same classmates from those faraway Allan Matthews School days went all through high school together and have gathered at other reunions celebrating the Kamloops High School years. Many of us are still friends today and that says great things about ‘the good old days’ that created lasting friendships.
The current pictures have been taken over the past few years when we have had class reunions, some of them for a celebration at 60th birthday parties!  These pictures show some of those classmates.

Alanna Westerman

Joanne Barrett

Don Youwe

Jimmy Stuart

Betty Johnson

Linda Ashbee and Lynne Beblow

Kerri Colquhoun

David Marshall
I was only able to get one Grade 6 picture, Mr. Stevenson’s/ Mrs. Normand's class but there was another Grade 6 class so it would be great if I could get a picture of that, too.  If anyone has a picture of that class, please contact me and I will post that picture.  If you can identify those we’ve missed, we’d love to hear from you.
Please leave your comment and contact email and I will make sure an invitation gets to you.  I won't publish your email address on this blog unless you ask me to.