Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Team BC - Adrenaline Challenge Lacrosse

Team BC U13 wins Gold at San Diego Adrenaline Challenge Lacrosse Showcase

Lacrosse is of Canadian origin and it has been said it goes back to as early as 1100 AD.  It was once played with many players in huge fields and considered a spiritual act and the games could last for several days.  It was well established by the seventeenth century.   It has been mainly played in Canada and the US but is becoming more popular overseas, as well. 

Pregame prep talk for TeamBC
There are different rules and team members for Field and Box Lacrosse but in spite of the difference, it seems that most of the Kamloops Rattlers play both.   This sport, often referred to as “the fastest sport on two feet” is a very physically demanding sport but the energy of this group is impressive.

Team BC U 13
In October 2015 there was Selection camps held in Langley, BC for Team BC Lacrosse.  Players from all over the province were invited to attend and try out to represent our province and become part of Team BC for their age group to participate in San Diego at the Adrenaline Challenge Lacrosse Showcase Event 2016.

Kamloops Rattlers players on Team BC
Five of the under 13 were chosen from the Kamloops Rattlers to be on Team BC U13 Lacrosse and they would spend the next couple of months travelling back and forth to Langley for weekend practices.  The commitment was huge but in spite of winter travels, they managed to get six practices in.  There were also two Kamloops players for the under 18 chosen to play for their age group.  See more in this Kamloops paper article.

Final Game at Adrenaline Challenge in San Diego
The team and their coaches left Vancouver on December 31 and flew down to California with several family members joining them to enjoy this wonderful experience for these young players.  And what an experience it was.  We were thrilled to be part of it and to watch these talented young athletes.

Team BC won every game
Team BC Lacrosse played a total of 6 games in their 3 days at the tournament.  It was held at the Del Mar Polo Grounds and there were about 14 designated fields with games being played on each of them at any given time.  Most teams could not come close to beating our boys in their lacrosse games so they won all games leading up to the game for gold.  The final game was the best match for our boys but they won that game 10-9 with the winning goal scored by a Kamloops Rattler 10 seconds before the end of the game!

Team BC won the Gold for U13
Congratulations to Team BC U13, players and their coaches for games well played and good sportsmanship shown.  We are especially proud of our boys that represented Kamloops in the best way and came out winners of the Gold medal!

I asked our grandson if he could share his thoughts, these are Millan’s words:

“Lacrosse has always been a big part of my sports life.  I have been playing both box and field lacrosse for 7 years.  This past year in field lacrosse, I was selected to participate on a select team called Team BC that represented our province.  In our tournament, due to all of our hard work and dedication to Team BC, we went 6-0 and came in first place!  We were the first Team BC U13 group to ever come first in this tournament and it was a great honour to  play with such a great group of lacrosse players and coaches.  My goal is to one day get a lacrosse scholarship in university because lacrosse has always been my passion.”

For more information on Kamloops Lacrosse registration, click here and check that out.  This is a great organization of board members and coaches who participate in the players great experience.  I am sure we have more lacrosse stars waiting for their opportunities to play.