Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hot Nites in the City Show 'n Shine 2012 ~ Kamloops, BC ~ Canada

Another successful Hot Nites in the City Show ‘n Shine.  The 18th Annual appears to have been a great success if beautiful cars and trucks and crowds are what counts.  The hot days of summer were upon us and the sun shone down on all those shiny vehicles to show us their best.
cars and trucks in the A&W parking lot after completing their poker run
2012 Poker Run ends at the A&W in Kamloops, BC
The weekend event began with the Friday night Poker Run and there were over 120 participants.  They began at the Plaza Heritage Hotel and finished at the A&W on Lansdowne Street, the host who offered a fun evening for the whole family.  The sun was setting and the weather was great, a perfect way to end the Poker Run 2012.
view of the street with the crowd of people looking at the cars of the show
Crowds line the street for the Hot Nites Show 'n Shine in Kamloops, BC
The Show ‘n Shine had a great turnout coming to see all the cars and trucks lining up most of the streets in downtown Kamloops.  Young and old alike seem to enjoy the beauty of these cars that are also young and old!
yellow, orange and red chevy's in a row on the street
'57 Chevys at Hot Nites in the City in Kamloops, BC
No car show would be complete without some ’57 Chevys to show (or is there a’56 in there?).  This has always been a favorite one of ours and brings back some old memories of driving up and down Victoria Street on any given Friday night in the 60’s!  Remember the days!!   
The band Blue Scarlett sing and the crowd enjoys their music during the car show
Blue Scarlett entertains the crowds
The music was great while we wandered along the street, good dancing music and free, as was the whole car show! This band is Blue Scarlett and not local but maybe we will see them back again.  There was another great performer down the street as well as a DJ on First Avenue who were all keeping the crowd moving.  Amazing how many times you see someone singing along with those ‘oldies’.
The 1929 Ford sits on the corner of the street in the car show
1929 Model A Ford Delivery
There is no way I can show all the great cars and trucks that were lining the streets but here are a few of the over 300 in the show.  This 1929 Model A Ford Delivery catches the eyes with the bright turquoise color.  The original color used was black for these but this street rod looks pretty nice now.
The bright orange and black paint job makes the car stand out
1937 Ford Humpback
The 1937 Ford Humpback is from Chilliwack and one of the many who have come from out of town to participate in the Hot Nites Show ‘n Shine.  The cars and trucks come from all over the western provinces and states to be here which also says a lot about our Kamloops Hot Nites in the City Show ‘n Shine.
The car is on display as part of the car show
1940 Graham Hollywood
The 1940 Graham Hollywood is not familiar but a beautiful old car and the paint color was amazing.  I learned that this four door model was one of 1,859 made and has suicide doors where the front doors open to the front of the car and are not often seen.  No wonder it wasn’t a familiar model, there cannot be many still around after 72 years. 
A collage of 4 vehicles in the car show
Several entrants in the Show 'n Shine car show in Kamloops, BC
The variety of cars and trucks are displayed from the unfinished 1931 Ford A with the wooden box to the old 1926 Star that hasn’t been refurbished yet.  The 1927 Ford Model T Coup was first sold for $520 and was owned by the same person for over 58 years.  The deluxe of this group is the 1927 Pierce Arrow and status symbol of its day and owned locally.  

This beautiful car is also part of the car show in downtown Kamloops, BC
A classic Bentley in Hot Nites in the City in Kamloops, BC
I likely wouldn’t turn down a chance to ride in any of the old classics but who wouldn’t like to enjoy a ride in this beautiful Bentley, a vision of class and elegance in the car world and one that we’ve likely seen in old movies with the rich and famous many times.

Another job well done by the Hot Nite in the City Society as well as all our great Kamloopsians who come out in numbers every year to support this great annual show.

This is just another reason why there is no place like home.