Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Canadian Snowbirds ~ Operation Inspriation ~ Kamloops

Saturday, May 16, 2020 was a day of anticipation for many as the Canadian Snowbirds were giving us a flyover.  Their original plans were cancelled this year due to the CoVid virus and this was later planned as “Operation Inspiration” to honor Canadians who are victims of the virus as well as those fighting on the front lines.  Due to weather conditions there was not an official schedule given and no celebrations planned.

Canadian Snowbirds
We’d heard the Snowbirds would appear today.  They flew right overhead so I was able to run outside when I heard them to take a few quick photos.  With cloud covered skies, their colors aren’t showing but their expertise and placement to each other is amazing to watch and always a thrill.

Kamloops Airport
We are near the airport so a trip out to see the planes after their landing was a necessity for me and my camera.  The traffic was heavy but no crowds were there as nothing had been planned with the Snowbirds at this time, they’d encouraged everyone to not gather and to remain distant.  Their mission was being accomplished only with their flyovers.

Big and small
The size of this plane that accompanied the Snowbirds is an amazing size compared to them.  This photo shows the comparison.  There are two extra Snowbirds that accompany the show should they need a replacement so this covered one may be one of those two.

Overnight stop
This year celebrates their 50th year.  They have evolved over the years to be what they are today with the name Snowbirds being given them in 1971.  In 1975 they were officially authorized to be designated the “Canadian Forces Air Demonstration Team”.

The day is done
We drove in closer to the landing strip and I took some photos thru the fencing that surrounds the airfield.  I was not very close to the planes but with a good lens and peeking between the chain links, I was able to get a better photo of the planes.

Snowbird Pilots
The pilots were starting to come into the nearby building and I noticed they were all wearing face masks for protection against the Covid, this was impressive to me.  Although I wasn’t able to get a good photo of her, I was very excited to also see a woman standing by the plane as part of the team, learning later it was Capt. Jenn Casey. 

Captain Jennifer Casey
Little did anyone know their Kamloops visit would end as it did on May 17, 2020.  It is with heavy heart that I write this.  Captain Jennifer Casey was the PR for the Snowbirds and aspired to become a pilot herself one day.  The morning following these photos being taken, there was a crash near our home that has shaken the whole country.

May Captain Jennifer Casey RIP as her family, friends, coworkers and all of Canada mourn her death.