Friday, October 21, 2016

Autumn Colors ~ Deer ~ McArthur Park ~ Kamloops, BC

Another sunny autumn day suggests another walk through the park.  I cannot go without my camera, even though we did this a week ago, there may be something different in McArthur Park.

Mt.Paul and Mt.Peter
It is amazing what a difference one week can make during this season of changing colors.  We have visited this park several times during other autumn seasons but I have never seen the colors quite like this.  The McArthur Park Slough with Mt. Paul and Peter in the background is a beautiful sight today.

McArthur Park greeters
We met some park greeters!  These ducks headed straight towards us as we crossed the footbridge over the slough, fully expecting us to have some treats for them.  We did not so they soon went on their way.  The little tree hugger was pretty curious but soon knew we had nothing for him, either.

Autumn colors
We followed the footpath that loops around the McArthur Island Golf Course and enjoyed the colors of the leaves of the trees on the golf course.  There were several different colors which aren’t part of the indigenous tree colors.

Grazing deer
Lush green grass, beautiful colors and no golfers.  What we do see are several deer, including a deer family enjoying that lush green grass!  This is exactly why I could never leave my camera behind.  One just never knows what they may see.

Deer playtime
Two deer were playing up under the big tree.  It is difficult to see the antlers through the tree branches but we were able to see them on one of the deer when they separated.  This wrestle only lasted a moment, time for three quick photos and they were back to grazing.

Beautiful deer buck
This buck was oblivious to the playing going on and stayed closer to the doe and the young one.  We moved to another opening through the fence and using my other lens, I was able to take photos that looked like we were right up close, but we were far enough away, they didn’t even notice.

Deer family
We saw six deer altogether on the course, two of them are just over the crest of the hill taking a rest and their heads are barely seen from here.  There may have been others, this seems to be a permanent home to them as we’ve seen some on golfing visits, too.

Colors of McArthur Park Golf Course
More trees, more autumn colors to enjoy but no deer in sight as we near the end of the path that encircles the golf course.  We do see some golfers that will soon be surprised to see what is ahead of them.

Kamloops across the Thompson River
The golf course is a great example of a local park for all to enjoy, even if you are not a golfer, but more so if you are.  The quiet walk in the park includes a pretty view of the Thompson River and the city of Kamloops in the distance.

Other than the deer, ducks and squirrels we saw here today, there are other residents to enjoy. Canada Geese find the park a perfect winter home and are often seen and heard flying overhead.  These large geese appear to avoid the golf course but spend most of their time in other parts of the park and add quite a lot of high quality phosphate to the grounds!


  1. Oh Sheila, You got some great shots!

    How did you convince those deer to pose for you ? :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Convincing them was easy. (:
    I told the deer I would make them a 'star'!