Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Murals ~ Back Alley Art Gallery ~ Kamloops, BC

Alley murals in Kamloops, BC

Murals are a great way to tell a story or share some history and we have some talented artists in Kamloops that have contributed to the story telling with murals.

Mural in 200 Victoria St. alley
In 2010, the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association decided that the alleys of downtown Kamloops needed some cleaning up and improvement.  Murals were the answer and the Back Alley Art Gallery was born.

The Big Boot Inn mural
The Big Boot Inn has been in business for many years and is part of the history of Victoria Street.  The mural offers a display window look into the past.

Great optical illusion
Murals do improve the appearance of our downtown alleyways.  Before the murals were there, alleys were quite unsightly but they seem to keep cleaner since their addition.

Overview of Kamloops shops and the rivers and hills
The sad part is that these murals are not often seen by the locals or visitors to our city unless they are making a point of walking through the alleys. There are several other cities that have done this mural painting, as well, as it is a great way to feature some of the history of the city.

Plan a walk down the alleys between Victoria and Seymour Street on the 200 and 300 blocks the next time you are downtown and see these murals.  Share the sights with others.

Images of Marilyn Monroe

Details of mural at Castles and Cottages
I spoke with Rosie, owner of Castles and Cottages to hear what was behind her choice of this mural behind her shop.  Rosie was approached by the KCBIA a couple of years ago but she had no thoughts of what she might like until she saw the artist Kelly Wright’s picture of a mermaid.

Castles and Cottages store
Rosie’s inspiration comes from her Mediterranean ancestry, the love of the water and with Kelly’s artistic contributions led to this mystical mural with mermaids and King Neptune, mythological god of the sea.  Castles and cottages are part of this wonderful mural, too, shown in the top left corner.

Street musicians
Some murals feature the stores they are behind, others have a fantasy touch or famous actresses and others may be a story but whatever they are, we appreciate and enjoy their great addition to our alleyways.  Hopefully they continue and there will be some of our local history shared this way, too.

Venice in Kamloops
Tourism Kamloops has listed the murals as a cultural walking tour in Kamloops and you will see the addresses listed on their page.  The murals that are listed on their page include the artist’s names, as well.

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