Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rainbow's Roost ~ Kindergarten trip ~ Kamloops, BC

With the school year nearing the end and summer fast approaching, there are lots of activities happening!  What more fun for a kindergarten class to do than to spend time on the farm!  What a fun time we all had.  Yes, “we” as I was invited to join our youngest grandson on this big day.

I had never heard of Rainbow’s Roost, which is situated out Westsyde Road along the North Thompson River, but what a gem it is.  It has been host to many kindergarten classes before and they’ve got a great program that allows the kids to enjoy all the aspects of the farm.

We gathered under the trees at the picnic tables and learned the rules and regulations that make sure that all visitors will be safe and they understand how to approach the animals.  We broke up into groups and each began in a different part of the farm.  

Our first stop was to see some of the animals in a large fenced area that also allowed for getting up close for a good look and petting most of them.   Most were quite available to pet, some weren’t as much but the kids were enjoying them all.

The kids had a great time scratching ears and petting backs and heads of the horses, lambs, pigs and chicken.  This is an experience that most of them have not had before and was a great way for them to meet some farm animals in their natural environment.

Our next was a walk around part of the farm and Sheila, our hostess, would explain to the kids about their surroundings.  The stop at the big pig’s pen was interesting.  They’d all had their ‘mud bath’ before we arrived so were just lying there having a morning nap.  These pigs were big, VERY big raised on a healthy organic farm.

The pond held some interest to the little visitors, as water usually does.  They were finding snails, tadpoles and lots of “allergies” which we accepted as being the algae!  

We would take a break under the shade of the trees between each change of venue to get a drink or snack then carry onto the next great adventure.  The one my grandson was most excited about doing was the hayride behind the tractor, he insisted on getting a photo of the tractor engine, guess that was interesting, too.  Farmer Ed pulled us all around the farm, which has some great river views and lots of trees to make this a pretty area.

Rainbow’s Roost was a wonderful experience for the kids and a lovely surprise to this Grandma.  They’re great hosts and Ed and Sheila offer many services on their farm, this is just one aspect of Rainbow’s Roost.  To learn more, please check out their link by clicking on here and support the local business.  

Thank-you to the staff, the great teachers and all the kindergarteners involved for the fun adventure. 

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  1. What a gorgeous spot! Had great weather as well - bonus!