Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa Claus Parade ~ Kamloops, BC ~ 2012

Here comes Santa Claus!  He is in the annual Santa Claus parade in downtown Kamloops.  The event was held on Nov. 24 after the kids woke Santa from a sleep while waiting for the parade to begin.  The day was overcast but quite mild and lots of smiles can be seen as everyone enjoys the parade celebrating the Kamloops Bicentennial this year.
Float with princesses and costumed characters
Enchanted Teacup in Santa parade
The Enchanted Teacup is a local them party business and features princess parties for  the princess in every little girl.  They had a float full of princesses and placed third in Santa’s choice category.

Car made to look like the tv Thomas, the train
Thomas the Train in Santa parade in Kamloops, BC
Thomas the Engine will be a familiar face to many with the popularity of the books and the television series that began in 1984 featuring Ringo Starr, drummer for the Beatles, as the voice of Thomas.  The books, the Railway Series, television and videos are still current and available today.
The band dress up in costumes to entertain and the Keystone kops ride their firetruck
The Kamloops Rube Band and Keystone Kops
Any parade in Kamloops would never be the same without our world renowned Kamloops Rube Band. Their wild costumes and antics have been around for over 50 years and have been seen performing worldwide as ambassadors for Kamloops.
The Keystone Kops of the Shriners are based on the old silent movies known for their fun antics and are driving their 1934 Chevy, restored after originally being used as the firetruck in Chilliwack, BC.
the well known characters walk in the Santa parade
Ronald McDonald and the Root Bear in Kamloops Santa parade
Ronald McDonald, the clown mascot that everyone is familiar with, saying hi to all.  This clown was first created by Willard Scott, the Today Shows weatherman of many years, in 1963 to be used in the first commercials for the hamburger company. 

The loveable Root Bear has been the goodwill ambassador for the A+W since 1974 and can be seen in activities like walking the parade with his A+W buddies. 

The Grinch is in the jail on the cart
The Kamloops + District Crime Stoppers
 Crime Stoppers is an independent non-profic society and registered charity.  They are managed by a Board of Directors and worth with all levels, local citizens, media and police.  They’ve done a great job of catching the Grinch (who stole Christmas) in the Kamloops Bicentennial year theme.  Click here to learn  more about the organization.

The float has several animals on it and being followed by more.
4-H Club of Kamloops in Santa parade
The BC 4-H club has been around for over 95 years and offers several programs and teaches leadership abilities and skills for several different interests for those 6 years to 21 years. Click here to learn more.
The truck drives in the Santa parade in Kamloops, BC
Red Chevy carries Frosty & Christmas tree
Syd Smith, a regular participant in the Santa Claus parade, has their little red Chevy truck decorated and loaded with a big Christmas tree and snowman. 

Derby Dolls carry a banner in the Santa parade
Tournament City Derby Dolls of Kamloops, BC
Tournament City Derby Dolls were there in the parade, but without roller skates, much to my surprise!  Click here for their website to learn their history.  I could find no future events but am sure there are some in the planning stages.

The bus that operates as the mobile library in the Santa parade
The Bookmobile in the Santa parade
The Bookmobile has been out visiting rural areas in the Kamloops District for many years, making it easier for those who are not able to visit the Kamloops Library. Click here to check their schedule for a visit near you.

School band and enthusiastic students on the float enjoy the Santa parade
We 2 Me and Brocklehurst Middle School celebrate the schools in Kamloops, BC
The Brocklehurst Middle School Band is representing the school bands this year with their horn section carrying the Canadian flag.

ME 2 WE is “an innovative social enterprise that offers socially conscious and environmentally friendly products and life changing experiences”.  Their large events are attended by those who earn their tickets, which cannot be purchased.  There are thousands who flock to see the inspirational speakers, e.g. Spencer West, a man without legs who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.  There are more who help others around the world.

Santa and helpers ride on sleigh with reindeer on float
Santa has arrived in Kamloops, BC
Santa appears with his helpers and waves to all. The magic of Santa and seeing him every year puts happy faces on the young and old, now we just wait for that special day to arrive. May everyone enjoy a very Merry Christmas this year.

Unfortunately I missed part of the parade and learned later that the Donkey Refuge was chosen as the Parade Star, so was especially sorry I missed them. We’ve been out to the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge a couple of times and are so impressed with it, check it out by clicking here and plan your visit.

Once again Downtown Business Association (KCBIA) has put on a great Santa Claus parade for everyone to enjoy, with a variety of interests and new floats for us to see, proving that there is just no place like home.

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