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Communities in Bloom ~ Kamloops, BC ~ Canada

“People, plants and pride……. growing together” is the slogan for Communities in Bloom and that is what has been happening in our community for the past few years.  The community is about to be judged July 30 & 31, 2012 and the committee has been a very active group making things happen to make us all look better!

This old courthouse sits high on the hill surrounded by trees and flowers.
The Old Courthouse in Kamloops, BC, Canada
Take a handsome Heritage Building like the Old Courthouse and put some pretty flowers in a very artistically designed garden and you have a beautiful sight at the corner of First Avenue and Seymour Street.  The Old Courthouse has never looked so good.
The flower gardens brighten up the front yard
Colorful yard in front of the Old Courthouse in Kamloops, BC
Kamloops has been winning awards nationally and internationally and plan to do so again.  This involves the community at large but is spearheaded by a community based team from the arts & culture, recreation & tourism, business sector and local media.
This heritage building once housed a cigar factory.
Inland Cigar Factory Building in Kamloops, BC
The participation involves anyone who wishes to make their neighborhood look better with the help of flowers and we will see examples of this all over the South and North shore, it is wonderful to see the participation from all aspects of the community, business and residential.
The planter has been painted with colorful flowers.
A brightly painted planter on Victoria St., Kamloops, BC
The Communities in Bloom committee hold several seasonal celebrations and the planter competition is just one of those.  There are planters scattered all over the downtown core that were part of the competition and painted and planted by many with one idea in mind and that was to win their competition, which brings out the artist in several city dignitaries, too. 
Huge planters filled with multicolored flowers greet us at the arena
Interior Savings Center floral entrance in Kamloops, BC
The committee acts as an advisory to the mayor and council as well as the Parks & Rec plus the cultural department for the City of Kamloops.  Between them all, they put their talents to work and win trophies.  
A very large rose garden sits within the Riverside Park.
The Rose Garden in Riverside Park in Kamloops, BC
Riverside Park on Lorne Street has always been a great place to spend a summer day with all that it has to offer and the Rose Garden adds a special space to sit and enjoy the beautiful setting, often used for special occasions like weddings and photo sessions. 
The center boulevard on the street has been filled with bright marigolds.
The Marigold Mile on West Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC
We have Marigold Miles on the North and South shore and the committee has had the help of elementary school kids to plant the marigolds in the spring.  It makes a pretty boulevard down
West Columbia Street as well as in front of the North Shore Fire Hall on Tranquille Road.
Planters as well as a garden showcase the Wilson Street house.
Flower garden at Wilson Street House, Kamloops, BC
The Wilson Street house has some front yard gardens to enjoy as you begin the trip down
Tranquille Road on the North Shore after crossing the Blue bridge over the Thompson River.
There are several planters along Tranquille that were also part of the planter painting competition and fun to see.

Full gardens of flowers in the Gregson Butterfly Garden
The Gregson Butterfly Garden in McArthur Park, Kamloops, BC
The Gregson Butterfly Garden in McArthur Park on the North Shore is a jewel in the park.  It borders along the slough where we can also watch the birds and ducks as they enjoy the quiet part of the river.
Cactus and native plants thrive in the xeriscape garden
The Xeriscape Garden in McArthur Park, Kamloops, BC
Kamloops has a semi-arid climate so what better example to show this is the xeriscape garden in McArthur Park. This garden shows many examples of those plants and flowers that will thrive and survive in the wonderful summer months we are usually able to enjoy in Kamloops.
Everyone involved should be very proud and happy with the work that has been done in our community. Those that are not involved appreciate what you’ve done and are cheering from the roadside as the judges make their way around our city to see what you have achieved. We have no doubt they will be giving Kamloops another award. Good job, well done!

For those that would like be become involved or learn more about the Communities in Bloom, click here to see this information.

There is just no place like home.

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