Saturday, June 30, 2012

Canada Day ~ July 1 ~ National Flag


The Maple Leaf flag was first raised on February 15, 1965 in Ottawa, Ontario and is now seen all over the world as Canadians wave their flags.
Several flags of Canada flying in the wind in Vancouver
The National flag of Canada flies in Vancouver, BC 
“The flag is the symbol of the nation’s unity, for it, beyond any doubt, represents all the citizens of Canada without distinction or race, language, belief or opinion."
Honorable Maurice Bouget, Speaker of the Senate ~ February 15, 1965
A boat is covered with Canadian flags, passes by as a float in the parade.
Blind Bay Parade, July 1, 2011
July 1st is the anniversary of the date that Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain in 1867.  We celebrated Dominion Day until 1982 until it was officially named Canada Day in 1983.  The special day is celebrated across Canada and beyond and the flag can be seen in all shapes and sizes to show our pride and colors. 
Ship called Osprey 2000 flies the National Flag of Canada
Osprey 2000 on Kootenay Lake, BC
The flag is a symbol of pride and honor and should be treated with respect and take precedence over all other national flags flown in Canada.  The only ones to take precedence over these would be for Royal Family members or Her Majesty’s 11 representatives in Canada.

Soldiers stand behind the flags for the ceremony of Portraits of Honor
Portrait of Honor, Kamloops, BC
 When flown with other flags, the National Flag of Canada should be in the center of a combination.  This special display was during the ceremony for the Portraits of Honor in 2011 held in Riverside Park.
The flags for the Aboriginal, British Columbia and Canada all fly
Aboriginal Days in Kamloops, BC
 Flag etiquette is not governed by legislation but by an established practice over the years.  The etiquette information is here if you wish to check it out, but showing respect could be the number one rule.
The Shriners carry the flags in the parade includine the National flag of Canada
Shriners Parade in Kamloops, BC
When the National Flag is raised or lowered or carried past in a parade, all present should face the flag, men should remove their hats and all should remain silent.  Those in uniform should salute.  
The Pipe Band plays in the parade being led by those carrying flags.
Santa Claus Parade in Kamloops, BC
 Red and white have been the official colors of Canada since they were appointed by King George V in 1921.  This Santa parade also had another great symbol of red and white appear when Santa Claus went by, and that symbol began much earlier than 1921. 
The Canadian flag welcomes Canadians to this park in the USA
Flag of Canada flies in the USA
During our visits to the U.S. we often see our Canadian flag flown alongside the American flag to welcome us there.  It always gives me a special sense of pride to see our flag in another country, showing the ‘welcome mat’ and I’ve taken photos of many of them.
The flag was flying to celebrate July 1 at a family gathering.
The National Flag of Canada at Kamloops Lake
We may not be flag-wavers like other countries are, but we do have great pride in this great country we call home and July 1 is one time that we do show our patriotism and wave our flags high. 

Grandson wears the hat
Kamloops will celebrate July 1 with culture, art, music and festivities being celebrated.  The day begins with a Lions Pancake breakfast and ends the day with a fireworks display after dark.    Don’t forget the free concerts begin July 1 with Music in the Park from 7 – 8:30pm.  All of this takes place in Riverside Park.  See you there!


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