Monday, May 7, 2012

Kamloops, BC ~ MS Walk ~ MS Awareness Month

May is MS Awareness Month and as the MS flag is raised on May 1 in Canada, the activities begin.  There are many people who make things happen in Kamloops and across Canada.  The MS Walk kick starts the activities in Kamloops. It was a sunny May morning as the Kamloops MS Walk gets underway, we couldn’t have had a more perfectly gorgeous day!

The gathering place is decorated with balloons and volunteers welcome the participants.
The crowd gathers for the MS Walk
We arrived early and watched the crowd grow to begin the 10am walk.  Teams met and grouped among the red and white balloons decorating the gathering place for the MS Walk. 

The crowd gathers to hear the appreciation for volunteers and their hard work to make this day a success.
Trina thanks the volunteers
 Trina, the Kamloops Chapter Manager and Fundraising Coordinator, thanks all the wonderful volunteers who put so much time and energy into making this a great day as well as the participants and fundraisers. Let’s throw in a ‘thank-you’ to whoever was looking after arranging the sunny weather for the day!
Cindi is at the Information table with pamphlets to give.
Cindi is ready to answer any questions
Cindi, Community Services Coordinator in Kamloops, BC, works the Information booth with some volunteers who have lots of material to read about the fight against MS and the awareness that is happening. 
The crowd dances the warm-up led by Gwen before the big MS Walk
Gwen leads the warm-up
Gwen’s energetic delivery gets everybody moving and ready for their MS Walk or run in a fun way.  Everyone crowds around and joins in to the musical warm-up.  The enthusiasm grows and everyone is ready to begin this great fundraiser walk to help those with MS.
The crowd follows the MS flag to begin their fundraising walk with the Kamloops royalty cheering them on.
MS Flag leads the MS Walk
The flag is in place and the MS Walk begins.  The Riverside Park is a great place to begin and is very manageable for those in wheelchairs.  There are great cheerleaders along the way keeping everyone’s spirits up with a great smile on their faces.  There are rest stops with refreshments offered along the way, as well. 
The enthusiastic volunteers greet the walkers with cheers.
Runners and walkers begin to return
The Kamloops Royalty are there to welcome everyone back with their applause and high five’s, whether they walked, rode or ran the 1km, 2km, 5km or 10km MS Walk.  
The Lions club have lunch ready for the participants to eat when they return.
Kamloops Lion Paddlewheelers serve lunch
 As in many of these charity walks and runs, you will see the Kamloops Paddlewheelers flipping those burgers and working hard to have lunch ready for all the participants of the walk.
Kim sits in her wheelchair at the start/finish line of the MS Walk and shows the decorations to dress up her wheelchair and celebrate the day.
Our daughter, Kim in the Kamloops MS Walk
The MS Walk for 2012 is over but the battle against MS continues.  May is MS Awareness month but the fundraising and the efforts to find a cure is ongoing. If you wish to volunteer or donate to this cause, click here to learn more. 
World MS Day is May 30th. Click here to learn more of what is going on around the world on this day.

Our family thanks all those who contribute, volunteer and help work to find a cure for MS.

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