Thursday, August 18, 2011

Western Canada Summer Games 2011 ~ Kamloops, BC

The logo for the Western Canada Summer Games has been seen all over Kamloops, BC during the hosting of the Games from August 5 - 14th, 2011. The significance was explained in the Kamloops Daily News and worth sharing again.

"The half Maple Leaf represents the four participating Western Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Three festive swoops illustrate the Northern Lights and represent the three northern territories: the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

The dark blue ring is the friendly ring of competition that brings the three northern territories and four western provinces together in celebrating young athletes and a variety of cultures"

British Columbia won a total of 261 medals:
Gold - 130 ~ Silver - 68 ~ Bronze - 63

Alberta won a total of 232 medals:
Gold - 53 ~ Silver - 99 ~ Bronze - 80

Saskatchewan won a total of 133 medals:
Gold - 45 ~ Silver - 41 ~ Bronze - 47

Manitoba won a total of 115 medals:
Gold - 22 ~ Silver - 40 ~ Bronze - 53

Northwest Territories won a total of 3 medals:
Silver - 1 ~ Bronze - 2

Nunavut won a total of 2 medals:
Bronze - 2

Yukon's small group made a big effort

The logo for the gold, silver and bronze medal that was awarded for each winner was designed by a local graphic artist, Justin Wilkinson. The clasp at the top of the medal where the ribbon attaches, was designed to be the silhouette of Mt. Paul and Mt. Peter.  See more on the story by clicking here.

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