Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow ~ Kamloops ~ British Columbia

When we think of winter, we think of cold and snow but that isn’t always the way it is!
Kamloops also has a lot of sunshine, even in winter. I am no weatherman and I don’t keep a weather journal but for those winter days that we think will go on forever, we need to remember that it won’t be this way for long and then find a way to enjoy it.

View to the west, Kamloops, BC, Canada
Sometimes we have lots of snow over the winter and other winters not as much. There is no real sure way of knowing what our winter will be like as some of these photos will show. There is El Nino, La Nina and cold fronts then warm fronts; wind or fog; we have a lot of weather variations that make for an interesting weather pattern in our part of the world.

Mt. Paul and Mt. Peter at Kamloops, BC
No matter where we might be to see a view of our city of Kamloops, we can see Mt. Paul and Mt. Peter as it stands tall and proud at the conflux of the North and South Thompson Rivers.

North Thompson River in Kamloops, BC
The North Thompson River appears to be frozen over at this point but never can it be trusted to be safe for crossing or skating on.  The river will be flowing beneath the ice, although slowly, but it could take very little weight to break through.

Thompson River at McArthur Park, Kamloops, BC
The South Thompson River has been frozen at times, but at this time it is open with snowcovered sandbars, as seen on the other side of the river.  Very often you will see a variety of birds and geese visiting this area but snow now covers any food they may forage so none were seen this day.

Scenic sunset on hills over Kamloops, BC
The range of hills and mountains behind Batchelor Hills seen in the distance, offer a beautiful setting with a dusting of snow as the winter setting sun shines onto some of those hills.  From this vantage point we can see some of the Lac du Bois area and then in the far distance is the Porcupine Ridge; both areas are favorites with the snowmobilers in winter.  

Trumpeter swans on the South Thompson River
The Trumpeter swans usually spend time here over the winter.  Those residents that live near the river are likely very familiar with the loud nasal honking call of the trumpeter, which is how they got their name.  They are the largest swan species and one of the largest flying birds.  The trumpeters are the only swans that live exclusively in North America and they may fly 2500 km (1600 mi) on migration.

Swans on their winter visit
Both sexes of the adult trumpeter swan look alike with their white plumage but the immature birds have grayish plumage with gray-pink legs and their bills are gray-pink toward the tip.  The swans can weigh up to 13 kg. (30lbs) and may live to be 24 years old. There have been incidents on the S. Thompson River in past years that swans have frozen to the surface, then were rescued by some very caring and careful people.

Cloud formations cover a winter sunset
Late afternoon cloud formations make the sky look very luminous and eerie.  We can have winds come through the valley which can create interesting cloud formations at times.  The big advantage of the wind is that if we have threatening clouds overhead, they may be gone within minutes due to the wind.  Our weather can change in a moments time.

Fog sits in the valley
The vantage point for this photo was taken from the Dufferin area and shows a beautiful fresh new snowfall and a bank of fog hanging over the city.  It can be socked right in when down in the valley but a short drive up the hill and we’re ‘above the clouds’ enjoying sunshine and blue skies.

Hoar frost on a sunny day
I believe this to be a great example of hoar frost.  It is a white frost, tiny solid deposits of water vapor from saturated air.  This happens when the temperature of the surface is below freezing, usually with clear skies.

Peterson Creek Nature Park
Peterson Creek is a great spot to see some incredible views from. This particular spot is near the parking lot just off Summit Drive in the Sahali area and from there you can hike on several paths to enjoy more of the view.

There is more for you to see on Kamloops if you click here and even more if you click here, too.
Enjoy the Kamloops winters and the beauty of the snow covered hills, there is just no place like home.


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